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As you’re planning your wedding, insurance is probably the last thing on your mind. The cake, the decorations, and the venue seem to be a priority for most couples as they plan out the day of their dreams, but with a modern wedding costing nearly $30,000, wedding insurance is something every couple should invest in. Axial-Foy Insurance can help you protect your wedding and safeguard your happily ever after.

Wedding Insurance covers :

  • Cancellation/ Postponement
  • Lost or ruined gifts, rings, photographs, or special attire
  • Vendor failure
  • General and liquor liability
  • Additional expenses

The concept of wedding insurance might sound strange at first, but it is a simple way to protect your wedding and the time, effort, and money you have put into planning it. Weddings require many different vendors, and it is difficult to coordinate so many moving parts. With thousands of dollars tied up in deposits, what happens if one of your vendors goes out of business, or double books your date? Finding a replacement DJ on the day of your wedding could cost much more than you anticipated. This is where wedding insurance saves the day. Insurance will cover the cost of getting a new DJ, photographer, caterer, or venue last minute so you can worry less about the cost, and more about having the wedding of your dreams.

Some Real-Life Examples of Wedding Insurance Coverage:

  • Hurricanes Ivan and Frances damaged the hotel. The repairs were originally scheduled to be completed by October but the completion date was pushed to January. The Bride and groom had to find a new venue for their destination wedding and were out of pocket for additional costs. Wedding insurance covered the additional costs associated with finding a new venue.
  •  A groom experienced chest pains and had to go to the hospital. His newly diagnosed heart condition forced the couple to postpone their wedding. Wedding insurance covered the cost of a replacement wedding.
  • Children at a wedding put their hands in the chocolate fountain and then ran them up and down the walls of the venue. The antique wallpaper was ruined and had to be replaced, and the Bride and Groom were held responsible for the damages. Wedding Insurance covered the cost of the damages to the building.

Wedding Insurance by Axial-Foy also protects you in case of a cancellation or postponement. Severe weather or a sudden illness could prevent you or one of your family members from making it to the ceremony. Without insurance, you would lose all of your deposits if you had to postpone your wedding, but if you partner with Axial-Foy, we will make sure you get the chance to say “I do” without losing thousands of dollars. Wedding Insurance will allow you to have your wedding on another date so you and all of your family can be there on your special day.

Wedding Insurance also provides you with liability coverage. This means that if something bad happens to one of your guests during your ceremony or reception, you will be covered in the case of a law suit.  We always recommend adding liquor liability to your coverage as well. This means you will be covered if one of your guests damages the property, or injures themselves or others while intoxicated. It can be hard to imagine something like this happening at your wedding, but you don’t want to be uninsured if it does. Protect yourself and your wedding with insurance by Axial-Foy.

Nobody wants to think about anything going wrong on their wedding day, but with wedding insurance by Foy, you can make sure a small mishap won’t ruin your big day. Make sure you have peace of mind on your wedding day. Axial-Foy Insurance offers coverage through 3 major underwriters, so we can make sure you get a customized policy that is perfect for your wedding. You’ve been dreaming of this day since you first fell in love, don’t let anything keep you from having the perfect wedding. Click here to check out our website for more information, or contact for a quote.




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