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ABG's Mick Rodgers named to Validation Institute Advisory Board

Posted by Mick Rodgers

Mick Rodgers, Managing Partner of Axial Benefits Group, was recently named to the Advisory Board for The Validation Institute, (VI). The Validation Institute advocates for organizations and approaches that deliver better health value - stronger health outcomes at lower cost - than conventional health care. 


The Validation Institute’s goal is to help organizations involved in population health – from Health 

Plans to Employers to Vendors – adhere to the highest standards of validity, allowing them to compete on the basis of integrity and performance rather than hyperbole.

Asked about his involvement in VI, Rodgers said, “Our focus is on transparency - improving health outcomes and lowering health care costs - for our clients and their families." He added, "The Validation Institute shares this same vision with their members, and I'm proud to lend my expertise to this worthwhile cause. I can see a time in the near future where all of our recommended vendor partners need to 'validated' by the VI before we are able to recommend them."

Rodgers has been active on the speaker circuit as of late, speaking in Tempe, Arizona for the Employee Health, Benefits, & Well-Being Congress and The Benchmarking and Best Practices Conference in Indianapolis, IN.